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The Indira Gandhi National Open University, the largest mega university in the democratic world, was established by an Act of Indian Parliament in 1985, and started offering academic programmes in 1987- THE diploma in Management and the Diploma in Distance Education with 4528 students. Today, it serves the educational aspirations of about 1.5 million students in 37 countries, including India, through eleven Schools of studies and a network of 59 Regional Centres, 5 Sub-Regional Centres, more than 1400 Study Centres and Tele-Learning centers at its Regional Centres 37 overseas centers. The University offers 129 Certificate, Diploma, Degree and Doctoral programmes comprising around 1000 courses, through a strength of 325 faculty members and academic staff at the Headquarters and Regional Centres and about 25, 000 counsellors drawn from conventional institutions of higher learning, professionals from various organizations, among others. The University is... Read More

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