Regional Computer Lab

Regional Centre Lab has been commissioned at the Regional Centre in the year 2001 with 35 P-III Computers. All these computers are connected with LAN having Internet facilities. Initially all practical classes of BIT, ADIT, MCA, BCA, CIC and CLP were conducted at the Regional Centre Lab.After deactivation of BIT and ADIT programmes by the University practical classes of only MCA, BCA, CIC and CLP are being conducted. Recently, PGDLAN Programme has been added and all the practical classes of this programme are also being conducted at the Lab. Learners are encouraged to use the computer lab as much as possible because we understand that computer training is very much important and the learners of IGNOU should get exposed to all the technicalities of computer training. Bhubaneswar Regional Centre has taken a new step in training people under the computer literacy programme in the Regional Centre Lab. This programme is going on since last three years and a large number of people from Government department, Schools, Colleges, NGOs and private organizations have been trained under this Programme.